Ethical Policy

Chepstow Construction Equipment is committed to carrying out its business in a way that puts relationships with people first.

Fundamentally, it represents a promise to all Chepstow Construction Equipment stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers and the public that the company will, to the very best of its ability, work in an open and honest way to nurture trust and long-term partnerships that work to the mutual benefit of all those concerned.

In a sector that can often be characterised by its adversarial supply chain relationships, Chepstow Construction Equipment has embraced a new way of working where partnering, openness and integrity are key, resulting in the creation of motivated project teams that pull together as one. As well as this, the company has full commitment to delivering services of the highest quality.

As well as people, Chepstow Construction Equipment’ ethical approach extends to process and the way in which the business is operated.

The company is keen, wherever possible, to utilise materials, products, systems and techniques that have reduced impact on the environment.

Chepstow Construction Equipment ethical policy embraces the following commitments:

  • Actively encouraging repeat business with key suppliers to nurture quality, trust and good relationships.
  • Delivering its’ services of the highest quality which offer value for clients and end users.
  • Establishing favourable payment terms with all suppliers and guarantee on-time payment. 
  • Encouraging open dialogue among suppliers and employees, supported by knowledge sharing and on-going communication.
  • Promoting an inclusive and pleasant working environment and ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, sexuality, disability and without arbitrary restrictions in respect of age.
  • Encouraging skills development at all levels to meet all needs, including the funding of apprenticeships.
  • Work towards an Incident Free Environment by striving for the best health and safety standards supported by a comprehensive reporting system.
  • Promoting and encouraging mutual respect for people involved in its operational activities and in the communities in which Chepstow Construction Equipment works, particularly maintaining good relationships and raising awareness of the company’s activities with schools and the community.
  • Encouraging employment of local sub-contractors and always employing no less than 10 percent of labour at a regional level.
  • Minimising pollution, reducing waste and CO2 emissions and aiming to recycle as much waste that comes off the working site as possible.
  • Working with customers, designers and specifiers to encourage best practice and innovation to help deliver a more sustainable environment.

The co-operation and involvement of employees at all levels is essential for the effective implementation of this policy.

Chepstow Construction Equipment will report on, review and revise this policy as often as may be appropriate, but at least annually.